Games starting with H

Half Past Fate: Romantic Distancing2021
The Halloween Haunting2013
Haluz 12006
Haluz 22007
Hamlet: A Murder Mystery1997
Hamlet or the last game without MMORPG features, shaders and product placement2010
Hanamushi: Flower Insects2010
Hanamushi: Pock's Friend2005
The Hand of Glory2020
A Hand With Many Fingers2020
Hans Christian Andersen: The Ugly Prince Duckling2007
Hansel and Gretel and the Enchanted Castle1995
Happy Game2021
Hard Evidence: The Marilyn Monroe Files1995
The Hardy Boys: The Hidden Theft2008
The Hardy Boys: Treasure on the Tracks2009
Hariboy's Quest1996
Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone2001
Harry Potter and The Sorcerer's Stone2001
Harvester: A Strange and Twisted World1996
Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law2008
The Haunt2012
Haunting At Cliffhouse2012
Hauntings of Mystery Manor2005
Haven Moon2016
Hawaii High: The Mystery of the Tiki1994
Heart of China1991
Heartland Deluxe2006
Heaven's Dawn1995
Heaven's Hope2016
Heaven's Vault2019
Hector: Badge of Carnage - Episode 1: We Negotiate with Terrorists2010
Hector: Badge of Carnage - Episode 2: Senseless Acts of Justice2011
Hector: Badge of Carnage - Episode 3: Beyond Reasonable Doom2011
Helga Deep in Trouble2013
Hell: A Cyberpunk Thriller1995
Hell Cab1993
Henry Mosse and the Wormhole Conspiracy2021
Her Majesty's Spiffing2016
Her Story2015
Hero's Hearts2000
Hidden: On the Trail of the Ancients2015
Hidden Expedition 4: Devil's Triangle2009
Hidden Mysteries: Titanic - Secrets of the Fateful Voyage2009
History in Letters: The Eternal Alchemist2015
Hitchcock: The Final Cut2001
Hitchhiker - A Mystery Game2021
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Remake2010
Hiveswap: Act 12017
Hiveswap: Act 2 Dead Freight2020
Hollywood Monsters1997
Homey D. Clown1993
Homo Machina2018
Hopkins FBI1998
Hotel (2010)2010
Hotel Dusk: Room 2152007
Hound of Baskerville1993
House M.D.2010
House of Caravan2015
The House of Da Vinci2017
The House of Da Vinci 22019
How to shoot a criminal2017
Hugo 1: Hugo's House of Horrors1990
Hugo 2: Whodunit?1991
Hugo 3: Jungle of Doom1992
Hugo 4: Nitemare 3D1994
Hugo Trilogy1990
Hype: The Time Quest1999
Hypnospace Outlaw2019