This is an online database of links for graphic Adventure games maintained by Peter Rootham-Smith. It is useful to me, and I hope of some use to others.

First off let me say this database depends on the hard work and skill people have put into the various gaming related websites which are linked to. It would be nothing without what others have done.

There is a certain fuzziness about what counts as a graphic adventure game, and what doesn't. I intend adding new games to this database based on them appearing in one of a select number of Adventure game websites.

There will be errors in this database. Corrections are welcome. In particular I may not find all the relevant links on a given site, or may not properly correlate the link with a game in the database. Sorry but limited time means the matching of links to games is a bit hit or miss. Hopefully more hit than miss.

Feedback is appreciated. I'm willing to consider new sites to find links on, and don't want to offend people by linking where people don't want me to link to.