Games released in 2004

Two of a Kind
7 Days a Skeptic
11 Somerset
Adventures In Odyssey 2: The Sword Of The Spirit
Agon Episode 3: Pirates of Madagascar
Apprentice 2: The Knight's Move
The Arrangement
Atlantis 4: Evolution
Aura 1: Fate of the Ages
Bad Mojo: The Roach Game Redux
Ben Jordan Case 1: In Search of the Skunk Ape
Ben Jordan Case 2: The Lost Galleon of the Salton Sea
Ben Jordan Case 3: The Sorceress of Smailholm
Bionicle Vakama
Bionicle Whenua
Blast Zone
Brain Hotel: Tales Of The Odd
Cold Case Files
Crimson Room
Crystal Key 2: The Far Realm
CSI 2: Dark Motives
CSI 3: Miami
Dark Fall 2: Lights Out
Dead City
Egypt 3: The Egyptian Prophecy
Escape From Evergreen Forest
Forever Worlds
Glass Rose
Jack the Ripper: New York 1901
Julia's Time Adventures - Back to the Roaring Twenties
Law and Order 3: Justice is Served
Legacy: Dark Shadows
Leisure Suit Larry 8: Magna Cum Laude
A Long 15 Minutes
Melrin 2: The Pendant Quest
Melrin 3: The Dragon Menace
The Moment of Silence
Myst IV: Revelation
Nancy Drew 10: The Secret of Shadow Ranch
Nancy Drew 11: Curse of Blackmoor Manor
Nick Bounty 1: A Case of the Crabs
No-Action Jackson
Noah's Adventures
Saddle Up: Time to Ride
Sentinel: Descendants in Time
Sherlock Holmes: The Case of the Silver Earring
Sofia's Debt
The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie
Syberia 2
Thod 3
Until Uru
Uru: The Ages Beyond Myst: XP1: To D'ni
Uru: The Path of the Shell
Wanted: A Wild Western Adventure