Games starting with E

Earl Bobby is Looking for a Loo2010
Earl Bobby is looking for his Shoes2005
Earthrise--A Guild Investigation1990
Easter Eggs2000
Eastern Mind: The Lost Souls of Tong-Nou1995
Echo: Secrets of the Lost Cavern2005
Echo Night1998
Echo Night: Beyond2004
EcoQuest 1: The Search for Cetus1991
EcoQuest 2: The Lost Secret of the Rainforest1993
Ecstatica 1: A State of Mind1994
Ecstatica 21997
Edgar: Bokbok in Boulzac2019
Edna and Harvey 1: The Breakout2008
Edna and Harvey 2: Harvey's New Eyes2012
Egypt 1156 B.C.: Tomb of the Pharaoh1998
Egypt 2: The Heliopolis Prophecy2000
Egypt 3: The Egyptian Prophecy2004
Egypt 3: The Fate of Ramses2004
Egypt Kids2001
The Egyptian Prophecy: The Fate of Ramses2004
Eko: Strange New World - Episode 12011
El Hazard1996
The Elk Moon Murder1996
Elroy Goes Bugzerk1995
Elroy Hits the Pavement1995
else Heart.Break()2015
Elvira 1: Mistress of the Dark1990
Elvira 2: The Jaws of Cerberus1991
Emerald City Confidential2009
Emily Enough: Imprisoned2005
Emily the Strange: Strangerous2011
Empathy: Path of Whispers2017
Enemy Zero1997
Enter The Story 1: Les Misérables2008
Enter The Story 2: The Divine Comedy2009
Enter The Story 3: Genesis of the Gods2010
Enter The Story 4: A Tale of Two Cities2010
Enter The Story 5: The Count of Monte Cristo2011
Erevos Chronicle2002
Eric the Unready1993
Erotica Island2001
Escape from Delirium1995
Escape From Dimension Q1997
Escape From Evergreen Forest2004
Escape from Pleasure Planet2016
Escape from the Haunted House2000
Eselmir and the Five Magical Gifts2018
ET: The Phone Home Adventure2002
Eternally Us2010
Ether One2014
The Even More Incredible Machine1996
Everlight: Of Magic and Power2008
Everybody's Gone to the Rapture2015
Evidence: The Last Report1997
Evidence: The Last Ritual2006
Evil Days of Luckless John2007
Evil Pumpkin: The Lost Halloween2014
The Exchange Student Episode 1: First Day in Sweden2006
The Exchange Student Episode 2: Point Club2007
! (Exclamation mark)2009
Experience 1122008
The Experiment2008
Eye of the Kraken2002
The Eyes of Ara2016